Great shots don't just happen..

In order to capture the essence and USP's of your hotel, good preparation is vital. So we usually recce every hotel, take a series of test shots and talk things over first. This lets us all see exactly how the various rooms will appear to the camera - which can be surprisingly different to how the eye sees things! We then produce a detailed Concept Report for you, in which we narrow down the shots to the images that we feel will work best for you. At this stage we will suggest various ideas that we feel could enhance the image; such as, the inclusion of people, props, lifestyle etc. Once all comments have been addressed, images are prioritized and the Concept Report is signed off - we then produce a detailed shooting schedule and liaise with either you or the designated point of contact within the hotel, to ensure that everything is ready for the photo shoot.

This site shows a wide cross section of hotels which we have worked on over the years. You can see examples of our work by clicking on the forward arrow to the right.

We have also tried to give you an in-site to our thinking and why each image was produced.

Great shots don't just happen - the difference between 'taking pictures' and producing images that you will want to use.

Enjoy ...and we look forward to hearing from you shortly.



The reception area at Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa in County Meath.
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