Four years after receiving a swimming scholarship at the University of Houston in Texas, Ashley graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic communications - and then went on to become one of Ireland's leading commercial photographers - who, over the next 20 years, worked alongside many of leading advertising agencies and design companies in the country.

During that time Ireland's Homes Interiors & Living magazine was formed - which very quickly became one of the biggest selling magazines in the country - and so their success became a big part of his success as their No.1 photographer.

All of which lead to him meeting journalists, stylists and interior designers, who were also interested in moving to the next level - and so around 2003, was formed.


Within the space of a few years, the teams reputation quickly grew to the point where they were regularly commissioned to shoot homes all over Europe and in the US, for many the top selling publications in the UK - as well hotels throughout Ireland, from traditional 5 star to contemporary 3 star.

There are many parallels between photographing a home and a hotel. Composition, lighting and styling all play a crucial role. It's all about capturing the unique characteristics of each - in some, it will be cutting edge boutique lifestyle - in others it will be a cosy 'home from home' appeal.

Today, the teams work can still not only be seen regularly in many of the top selling interior magazines, it can also be seen regularly in the advertising & marketing material of many of the top hotels too - including two hotels which are owned by the 45th President of the United States of America, in Ireland and in Scotland.

To find out more about what the team are up to or to see their most recent published work visit our blog.

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  The key members of the ampimage team are Ashley Morrison and Dianne Shaw - pictured here with Claudio Salviato and Ivan Shaw who would regularly help us create the images.

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