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Our Base Usage Rate (BUR) - and how we determine what the fee would be, for us to produce and then provide you with our work afterwards, for you to use.

Because our goal is very simple, which is:

To provide you with the best images possible, to not only meet your needs but to exceed them too, whenever possible.

So far so good.

However, putting a price on that is not quite so simple.

Why ?

Because there are more than 100 different ways to shoot any subject – from quick snap-shots of whatever happens to be there...

.. through to full production staged shots, using larger camera systems, lights, models, stylists, etc, etc...

.. which basically means, depending on which way we shoot it, that will in some way or other, not only affect our costs but also what the real value of the images may be worth to you afterwards, in terms of what all you will want to use the images for... which is the all important part, i.e. what you will actually get for your money at the end of the day.

So it's like asking the question beforehand: How good do the images actually need to be - good, very good or just good enough for now ?

It's therefore your usage requirements that we will need to take into account first - as ultimately it's that which will determine what the images are worth to you - and so naturally that needs to come first - since we are looking at producing these images for you to use and give you a price here for that.

So first we need to take into account what all you need to use the images for - the 3 main things being: the Media use, the Period of use & the Territory of use - as well as the number of images you need to use - as it's this information that we will then be using to help us determine what we need to do, to ensure we get it right here for you.

And so this is were the Association of Photographer's BUR pricing system comes into play – as it helps us determine what the value of the images may be worth to you afterwards, and therefore what the fee would need to be to ensure we get it right beforehand.

The BUR figure is therefore simply our starting point, when being asked to quote a price beforehand.

As it’s what we would estimated our basic production costs would be, to produce some images that would be suitable (or good enough) for normal standard use.
(Standard use is considered to be either: 2 media for 1 year or 1 media for 2 years, in 1 country).

So we start by working-out what our basic production costs would be first, by taking the following things into account:

Pre production time.
Photography time.
Post production time.
Travel time.
Retouching time.
Crew / Assistant.
Stylist / Hair / Make-up.
DVD & back-up.
Prints / Contact sheets.
Location / Studio fee.
Props, Wardrobe.
Sets / Expendable.
Courier / P&P.
Actors / Models.
Travel / Fuel.

(Please note: some of these things may not apply - it's simply a check-list to help us work-out what our basic costs would be, to finance the project to a standard level).

And that then becomes our base rate figure - which we refer to as our BUR.

(Or if we divide is figure by the number of images we plan to produce, then that would become our BUR per image figure.)

Then using the Association of Photographer's guidelines - which can also be found in their book Beyond the Lens - we workout what the fee would need to be, for us to produce the type of images that you are going to need, to meet your actual usage requirements.

So the fee would be based on your actual usage requirements.

Which means for Standard use, the price that we would quote you beforehand, may look something like this:

However, should you require us to produce and then provide you with some images for you to use for more than Standard use, then we would also send you a 2nd Quote, to let you see what the difference in price would be.

For example:

So the 1st Quote would let you see what our Base Rate would be, and the 2nd Quote would let you see what the additional fee would be, should you wish to use our images for more than Standard use - after you had seen the final results.

Because we would only be asking you to pay us for the Rights to use our work here - after we had agreed to hire ourselves - and tried very hard to produce some images that we would be hoping that you would want to use a lot.

A win-win situation should we succeed - which would obviously be our goal

Association of Photographers.

For more information about the Base Usage Rate pricing system visit our blog:

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