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The traditional image of an interior photographer is the guy who comes out to shoot one's home for the Estate agents' leaflet. Generally speaking this can be done in a comparatively short space of time.

Shooting for a glossy magazine is often very different.

Firstly, every single picture taken on the day has the potential of either appearing on the cover or as a double page spread within the magazine.
Secondly, most of the magazines are printed to a very high standard, which means every detail within the image can be clearly seen. These magazines are widely read and their Editors demand very high standards !. As a result, every effort is made to achieve "picture perfect" everytime.

Which means we would often bring along a lot more than just a camera... althought possibly not just as much as this :)

James Martin as featured in BBC Good Homes magazine. 

Anyway, each detail within every picture is checked and re-checked on screen. Lighting, composition, focal point and attention to detail is the secret.
Because our goal is to show your home to its absolute best.

Each image will therefore take about 30 minutes, as we aim to take about 15 images in total.

You can see some examples of what we do on the Before & After pages, which shows the first taken alongside the final image that was created.

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